Attachment and Trauma Sensitive Award

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are highly stressful, and potentially traumatic, events or situations that occur during childhood and/or adolescence It can be a single event, or prolonged threats to, and breaches of, a young person’s safety, security, trust or bodily integrity. These experiences directly affect the young person and their environment, and require significant social, emotional, neurobiological, psychological or behavioural adaptation. Young Minds

At Whitefield we are committed to taking a sensitive approach to children who have experienced Attachment and Trauma issues. This impacts on all aspects of our school life for example how we teach, how we do playtime and how we manage behaviour.

We are proud to have completed the Bronze Attachment and Trauma Sensitive Award to develop our practice, and are planning to complete the silver award Autumn 2019.

You can find our report below, along with an infographic about Attachment and Trauma



Whitefield Bronze Report and Award


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Attachment and Trauma guide