Noted by Sir Michael Wilshaw

Ofsted’s Chief Inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, spoke at the Education Policy Institute conference (25th Nov, 2016) to reflects on the past 5 years in that role.

We were delighted to be one of the schools noted in the report for the achievements of our children in an area of significant social and economic disadvantage.

It is not Ofsted’s job to artificially lower the bar. Doing so would damage, not improve, social mobility. We would also be doing a grave disservice to those many headteachers right across the country who are showing what can be done in areas of significant social and economic disadvantage.

People like Kevin Blakey of East Point Academy in Lowestoft, Nadine Carroll of Whitefield Primary School in Liverpool, Barbara Conroy of Queenborough School on the Isle of Sheppey, Dawn Parkinson of Beaumont Leys School in Leicester and Mark Hassack of Outwood Academy Acklam in Middlesbrough.


The full speech can be read here Sir Michael Wilshaw’s speech