Policies for Staff


Complaints Procedure


Attendance policy 2015-2017



Digital images in school policy 2015-2017
E-safety Policy 2015-2017
Social networking policy 2015-2018
Website Policy-2014-2016
Acceptable use Policy-2013-2016


Bereavement policy-2013-2016
child protection policy 2015-2016
Inclusion policy-2013-2015
SEN Information Report 2015-2016
Anti-bullying 2015-2017
Accessibility Plan 2015-2018
Dealing with allegations of abuse against teachers and other staff-DFE
EAL policy 2013-2016
Equalities policy 2015-2016
Physical interventions policy 2014-2015
Safer recruitment policy 2014-2015
Sex and relationships policy 2015-2016
Whistleblowing policy 2015

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning 2015-2018
Speaking and Listening Policy 2015-2018
Reading Policy 2015-2018
Grammar and Punctuation Policy 2015 – 2018 (1)
Writing Policy 2015-2018
Feedback and Marking Policy 2015-2018
Behaviour for learning policy 2014-2016
Liaison and Transition
Vision into action 2015-2018
Home learning policy 2014-2016
Home-school agreement 2015-2016
Extended School policy 2016-2019
Breakfast club Policy 2015-2018


Charges voluntary contributions and remissions policy 2012-2015
School fund policy 2012-2015


Code of conduct-2013-2015
Fire safety policy 2015-2016
Visitors and contractors policy 2015-2017

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