Curriculum Intent

What do we want to teach at Whitefield?

At Whitefield Primary School we provide a rich curriculum which gives our pupils the skills and knowledge required for them to be 21st century citizens.

The sequence and structure of the curriculum is underpinned by our focus on developing mastery of core knowledge and skills, concepts and values. We believe that Learned skills and knowledge are key to success, determining access to secondary education, increased career choices and life chances at 18.
Our approach to teaching and learning is based on proven research and tailored to individual needs.
Our children are taught how to learn. We explicitly teach positive attitudes to learning, self-regulation and self esteem in order to promote responsibility for learning and future success. We provide nurture and support to enable pupils to become confident, determined young adults who have exciting and ambitious aspirations for their futures.

Our curriculum is designed so that children understand their role/place in the school, local and global community. They are taught to understand relevant local and global issues and to know their own voice and opinions. They learn how to keep safe and how to be part of a diverse and rich local and global society..

This curriculum enables children to leave Whitefield well prepared for the next stages of their education and life in the modern world. They develop a sense of belonging to a tightly knit community where they have the confidence and skills to make decisions, self-evaluate, make connections and become lifelong learners.