Governor’s Start Dates

Terms of Office

David Hoare  (Community Governor)                 31st March 2016 – 30th March 2020

Denis Torpey (Community Governor)                 26th September 2015 – 25th September 2019

Nesrin Yousef (Parent Governor)                       16th November 2015 – 15th November 2019

Ghena Al Kalash (Parent Governor)                    25th January 2016 – 24th January 2020

Yinka Koomson (LA Governor)                          13th March 2016 – 12th March 2020

David Shaw (Community Governor)                   30th April 2015 – 31st March 2019

Jill Wright Acting Headteacher

Vacancy (Staff Governor)


Whitefield.2015 Instrument of GovernmentLINK GOVERNORS ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES


David Hoare      Child Protection / Safeguarding / Pupil Premium

Denis Torpey     Looked After Children /  Maths / Curriculum

Nesrin Yousef    English / EAL

David Shaw        ICT / Early Years /Deputy Safeguarding / Attachment and Trauma

SEND                TBC

School Council TBC


Whitefield.2015 Instrument of Government

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